The Miles Files

The Miles Files is a sports blog written by Miles Jamieson.

I’m just like you, a lifelong sports fan with a passion for discussing the games that we love. Growing up in Seattle, I’ve been a Seahawks and Mariners fan my entire life. Although my hometown Sonics left in 2008, I’m hopeful that they will return in the near future. My favorite basketball team has been the Phoenix Suns since 2005 when Steve Nash won his first of back-to-back MVP’s. I fell in love with their up-and-down style of play and have been a fan ever since, even during the last seven seasons of constant losing.

I graduated from Washington State University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism. As a Cougars fan, I understand losing and disappointment better than anyone. Nobody “Cougs it” like the Cougars. Although I’m upfront about my biases, I’ll try to be as objective as possible in my articles.

My favorite sports to watch are football and basketball. Although I never played a down of football in my life, I’ve spent years analyzing the game. I have a better understanding of the game than most people, and will use¬†that knowledge to help formulate my ideas in my articles. I quit playing organized basketball when I was in middle school, but I never quit loving the game. The only sport that I played in high school was tennis. I made it to the state tournament in both my junior and senior years.

This blog will mostly consist of football and basketball analysis, but I will occasionally write about other sports. I watch football and basketball at both the collegiate and professional levels, so I’ll be able to give my opinions about athletes as they transition from college to pro. I’m a bit of a draft junkie, so I’ll have a lot of content during the football and basketball offseasons.

This blog gives me the opportunity to combine my love of sports and writing. Follow me on Twitter @The_MilesFiles to get updates about the articles that I’m working on. Please feel free to send me a tweet or comment on my articles. I appreciate any feedback I can get whether it’s good, bad, or¬†indifferent. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy The Miles Files!