NBA Finals – What I want to see

(1) Golden State Warriors vs. (2) Cleveland Cavaliers: Cavaliers in 7

Although I’d be surprised to see the Cavaliers upset the Warriors, I learned my lesson last year to never count out LeBron James. I bet against him last year, and he proved to me that he’s still the best player I’ve ever seen (I didn’t see Michael Jordan in his prime). LeBron has showed the league this postseason that he’s still the best player in the world. He may not be in his prime, but he’s put the Cavaliers on his back and led them to their third straight NBA Finals appearance. But for the third straight year, the Cavaliers will be facing the Golden State Warriors. Unlike the last two NBA Finals matchups, the Warriors have a new best player. Stephen Curry is amazing, but he’s not as good as Kevin Durant. The Warriors were able to pry away Durant from Oklahoma City in the offseason. Although they didn’t win as many regular season games as last year (they weren’t trying to beat the record and wear themselves out before the playoffs), they’ve proven this postseason that they are even better than last year’s team. Since this postseason has been extremely boring and full of blowouts, I’m hoping the NBA Finals goes the distance for the second consecutive season. I’d love to see LeBron James defeat the greatest regular season team and greatest postseason team in back-to-back years. This Warriors bunch may be the greatest collection of basketball talent on one team in NBA history. As a fan of basketball, I think it would be amazing to be able to say that I witnessed King James make history once again. I’m not confident that it will happen, but I’ve learned never to doubt LeBron and his greatness.

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