Today in Sports: 6/11/17 Review

Tennis – French Open Men’s Singles Final:

(4) Rafael Nadal defeated (3) Stan Wawrinka 6-2 6-3 6-1: Rafa Nadal dominated the French Open. He ran through the tournament without even losing a set. In only one set did one of his opponents win 4 games. That’s an extremely impressive feat for the 31-year-old Spaniard. This was his fifteenth major championship and tenth French Open title. He’s now second all-time in grand slam championships behind his archrival and good friend Roger Federer. It seems like Nadal and Federer are playing the best tennis of their careers, which is absolutely insane to think about at their age. Wawrinka played a phenomenal tournament until the final. He was completely outclassed by Nadal. Wawrinka was 3-0 in finals before this loss. He’ll be back, but today wasn’t his day. Today belonged to Rafael Nadal.



Pittsburgh Penguins defeat Nashville Predators 2-0: The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Nashville Predators 2-0 to win the Stanley Cup. The Penguins won the series 4-2. This game (and series) was marred by poor officiating. The Predators scored a goal early in the second period, but it was waved off because the referee incorrectly blew his whistle. Once the whistle is blown, the play is dead. The referee thought the Penguins’ goalie had trapped the puck, but it went under his legs and was scored a fraction of a second after the whistle blew. The Penguins would score the first official goal of the game with just over a minute remaining. They would tack on a second goal when Nashville pulled their goalie. Instead of the score being 2-0 Pittsburgh, it should’ve been 1-1 and heading to overtime. The Penguins deserve credit; it wasn’t their fault that the officials screwed up. But it’s unfortunate that a fantastic Stanley Cup Finals series will be remembered because of poor officiating.

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