Today in Sports: 9/26/20 Preview

UFC: UFC 253 Adesanya vs. Costa

For over a year undefeated middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and undefeated middleweight contender Paulo Costa have been trash talking leading up to today’s superfight for the UFC middleweight championship. As UFC promoter Dana White eloquently put it, “this fight is gonna be ridiculous.” In an ultimate clash of styles, the walk-you-down striker in Costa vs. the pick-your-spots counter striker in Adesanya, this fight has the potential to be fight of the year, which was the prediction of Dana White. Costa has been labeled as a reckless and wild striker with insane power, but many think he lacks the precision to keep up with Adesanya. There’s no doubt that Adesanya is the more technical fighter, but that should be more of a compliment to Adesanya and not a slight on Costa. These two fighters do not like each other, and hopefully the fight will live up to the hype.


Although Paulo Costa is my favorite fighter in the UFC, I don’t think he’s at the level of Adesanya. There’s a reason the champion is favored. I’m predicting a second round TKO victory for Israel Adesanya.

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