Today in Sports: 6/9/17 Review


Cleveland Cavaliers defeat Golden State Warriors 137-116: Well, I was wrong. Although the series is still likely over, the Cavaliers should be proud of the fight they put up in game four. The Cavaliers scored an NBA Finals record 49 points in the first quarter. If they didn’t miss a bunch of free throws, they could’ve scored nearly 60 points. They ended up leading 86-68 at halftime, which was also a record for most points in the first half of a Finals game. To put that into context, scoring 68 points in a half is extremely impressive. But the Warriors were losing by 18! WOW! Kevin Durant had another fantastic game, scoring a team-high 35 points. Draymond Green got two technical fouls, but for some reason wasn’t ejected. Zaza Pachulia punched Iman Shumpert in the groin, but for some reason wasn’t ejected. This officiating crew should be suspended and ashamed of themselves. The NBA has to take action, watching the game made me extremely angry. Stephen Curry had 14 points on 4-13 shooting, and nobody was talking about it. If LeBron James had a similarly horrible performance, the media would never forget it. Talk about double standards. The aforementioned James had 31 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds. Kyrie Irving had 40 points of his own. Kevin Love had 23 points. Tristan Thompson finally showed up, only scoring 5 points but was dominant rebounding the basketball and playing defense. Now that the Warriors are up 3-1 in the series, cue the “Warriors blew a 3-1 lead jokes.” With Golden State hosting the next game, the Cavaliers will need a herculean effort to push the series to a sixth game. These two teams will play game five on Monday in Oakland.

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Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers: The Cavaliers host the Warriors in game four of the NBA Finals. The Cavaliers will need to win the last four games of the series to win their second consecutive championship. But they won’t, the series is over. Golden State is too good. Thanks Kevin Durant for ruining the competitive balance in the NBA. Even the second best team in the league looks like a high school team against the Warriors. It’s over, better luck next year. But if Durant is still on the Warriors next year, then the same thing will happen. Lame.

Today in Sports: 6/8/17 Review


Pittsburgh Penguins defeat Nashville Predators 6-0: In what was an embarrassing beatdown for the Predators, the Penguins took a commanding 3-2 series lead in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Penguins scored three goals in the first and second periods. For some reason, Pekka Rinne has been great at home and terrible on the road in the Stanley Cup Finals. Once again, he let his team down. But Rinne’s teammates didn’t do him any favors. They were not able to score a single goal. With the home team winning the first five games of the Stanley Cup Finals, the Predators will be favored in game six at home. They’ll have to win to keep their season alive. These two teams will play game six on Sunday in Nashville.

Today in Sports: 6/8/17 Preview


Nashville Predators at Pittsburgh Penguins: The Penguins host the Predators in game five of the Stanley Cup Finals. With both teams winning two games, the Stanley Cup Finals has become a three game series. Since the home team has won each of the first four games, the Penguins will be favored to take a 3-2 series lead. The Predators will have to win at least one game in Pittsburgh to win the championship. That’s easier said than done, especially because of Pittsburgh’s championship pedigree. The winner of this game will be heavy favorites to win the championship. This game is extremely crucial for both teams.

Today in Sports: 6/7/17 Review


Golden State Warriors defeat Cleveland Cavaliers 118-113: The Warriors stole game three from the Cavaliers to take a commanding 3-0 series lead. The Warriors were losing after three quarters, but outscored the Cavaliers 29-19 in the fourth quarter to secure the victory. The Warriors would score the game’s final 11 points. LeBron James had a fantastic game, but seemed to run out of gas down the stretch. He hasn’t gotten enough help from his teammates. LeBron’s stat line of 39 points, 11 rebounds, and 9 assists shows how much of the burden he had to take offensively. Kevin Durant has been better in this series, but he’s had a lot more help than LeBron. Durant finished the game with 31 points and 8 rebounds. Klay Thompson has found his stroke after a disappointing first game. He finished with 30 points and played stellar defense once again. Stephen Curry had 26 points and a staggering 13 rebounds. Kyrie Irving finished with 38 points, but his “hero ball” mentality at the end of the game cost the Cavaliers. Kevin Love only had 9 points, which was a major disappointment for Cleveland. Irving and Love haven’t been able to both put together great games in the same game. LeBron needs them both to play at an extremely high level to beat the Warriors. But for all intents and purposes, this series is over. These two teams will play game four on Friday in Cleveland.

Today in Sports: 6/7/17 Preview


Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers: The Cavaliers host the Warriors in game three of the NBA Finals. After losing the first two games on the road, the Cavaliers return home and need to use last year’s Finals as an example of what they need to do this year. The Cavaliers were blown out in the first two games of last year’s Finals before winning the championship. But this is a different year and a different Warriors team. Last year’s team may have broken the regular season record for victories, but they didn’t have Kevin Durant. This year’s Warriors look poised to win their second championship in three years. The Cavaliers will need to find a way to slow down Durant and get some quality production from their bench. Otherwise, they will get embarrassed once again. This is a must win game for the Cavaliers.

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Washington Nationals defeat Los Angeles Dodgers 2-1: The Nationals won 2-1 to complete a series victory over the Dodgers. They’ve won the first two games of the series, with game three coming tomorrow in another stellar pitching matchup between Stephen Strasburg and Clayton Kershaw. The Nationals and Dodgers would both score a run in the first inning. Max Scherzer would strike out 9 batters in the first three innings (a batter would advance to first on one of the strikeouts because the ball got past the catcher). Brandon McCarthy was also impressive, but was outdueled by Scherzer. The Nationals would score the game’s final run in the fourth inning on a Daniel Murphy sacrifice fly. These two teams will play the third and final game of the series tomorrow in Los Angeles.