NFL Draft Overrated/Underrated Prospects


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Overrated: Brad Kaaya – Miami

Before the season, Brad Kaaya was seen as the second rated quarterback behind Deshaun Watson. After a mediocre season, Kaaya’s draft stock had slipped to the middle rounds of the draft. He looked comfortable at the combine and at his pro day, which has elevated him back up draft boards. He’s not the first round pick that people projected before the season, but he’ll likely be a day two pick. I just don’t see it with Kaaya. I think he will be a lifelong backup and should be a day three selection. He played in a pro-style offense in college, which helped him look comfortable at the combine. Many of the other quarterbacks played in spread systems, so they struggled with their footwork compared to Kaaya. Although Kaaya looks good in workouts, he struggles when playing in games against live competition. He doesn’t handle pressure well, and isn’t able to consistently keep his eyes down the field without looking at the pass rush. He’ll always look good in practice, but he’ll never be a starter-quality quarterback in games.


Underrated: Deshaun Watson – Clemson

I’ve heard that there aren’t any first round quarterbacks from many draft experts, but there will be a few drafted because of how important the position is. I understand the criticisms of Watson’s game, but I have him as a top fifteen prospect. I have a higher grade on Watson than last year’s number one pick – Jared Goff. He does have deep ball accuracy issues and comes from a gimmicky offense at Clemson, but he has shown the ability to make every throw and has elite athleticism for the position. Watson is a leader, a winner, and plays his best ball when the lights are brightest. If I was in charge of a team needing a quarterback, I’d have no issue selecting him in the top 10.

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