My MVP Rankings


  1. James Harden

Although Russell Westbrook has put up historic numbers by averaging a triple-double this season, James Harden should be this year’s most valuable player. It’s amazing to think that Harden and Westbrook were once teammates, and neither of them was the best player on that team. Harden isn’t having the 30-10-10 season that Westbrook is having, but he’s putting up amazing stats and is helping his team win games at a higher rate. Harden is leading the league with more than eleven assists per game, which is roughly double his career average. He was primarily used as an off-ball shooting guard before Mike D’Antoni took over as head coach this season. Many people speculated if this marriage would work because of D’Antoni’s failures outside of Phoenix. Harden isn’t the floor general that D’Antoni once had in Steve Nash, but Harden’s ability to translate his game into D’Antoni’s system has been one of the most pleasantly surprising storylines of the NBA this season. With James Harden being the facilitator on offense, you’d think that his scoring output would be diminished. But that’s the beauty of D’Antoni’s offense, he likes his teams scoring early and often. James Harden is second in the NBA in scoring behind Russell Westbrook with nearly thirty points per game. Harden received a lot of criticism last season because of his poor effort on the defensive end. Although Harden will never be an elite defender, he has put in the effort needed to be a serviceable defender in today’s NBA. There’s no shame in Harden finishing second in the MVP vote behind the second player in NBA history to average a triple-double in a season, but I believe that Harden’s season has been equally impressive and he’s helped his team more than Russell Westbrook.


  1. Russell Westbrook

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NFL Draft Positional Rankings


  1. Deshaun Watson – Clemson

Deshaun Watson was my top quarterback prospect before the combine, and during the combine he increased the separation between himself and the field. Watson isn’t the perfect prospect, but he has a high floor and has enough upside to be a top tier NFL quarterback. He has been prone to throwing interceptions, but so were Jameis Winston and Matt Ryan in college. As a passer, Watson is accurate and usually makes good decisions. Both these areas can and should be improved once he receives NFL coaching. Watson is a great athlete with the ability to run for yards or scramble to buy time before completing a pass. What separates Watson is his mentality and ability to make his teammates better. Watson is a winner and is as clutch as they come. I want my quarterback to be at his best in the biggest moments, and Watson has played his best ball in his two national championship games. I don’t think Watson is the best player in the draft, but if I needed a quarterback I’d take him in the top ten.


  1. Mitchell Trubisky – North Carolina

Mitchell Trubisky looks like a safe quarterback prospect on tape. He has decent size, good athleticism, and is an accurate passer. He was the most consistent draft eligible quarterback this season. The biggest issue with Trubisky is his lack of experience. He was only a one year starter at North Carolina. Why couldn’t he beat out Marquise Williams (a nice college quarterback but couldn’t make it to the NFL) and why was the team worse this season under Trubisky’s leadership? I think leadership and winning are two important characteristics of a quarterback, and I question whether Trubisky has what it takes to lead an NFL team. He looked like a potential #1 overall pick when he led North Carolina to a victory on the road against Florida State, but he didn’t consistently play up to that level. He struggled in a few key moments when his team needed him most, which makes me question his clutch gene. I think he could use a season to sit and watch, but he has the potential to be a good NFL starter. I think Trubisky should be a late first round pick.


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