NFL Mock Draft (with trades)


  1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett: DE – Texas A&M

Cleveland, don’t overthink this. With the number one pick, you have to select the top player in the draft. I know you need a quarterback, but there isn’t one worthy of the top pick in the draft. Myles Garrett is a generational pass rusher. This should be the easiest decision of the draft.


  1. San Francisco 49ers: Solomon Thomas: DE – Stanford

Although I’m not as high on Solomon Thomas as many others in the draft community, I think the 49ers will take him with the second pick in the draft. They’ll try to trade this pick, but I don’t think anyone will want to move into this spot. I’ve heard rumors that they might look at Jamal Adams, but I think the 49ers will try and build their defense by improving their defensive line. They drafted Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner with their first round picks in the last two drafts, but I think Thomas is better than both and is more versatile. If John Lynch wants a safety, then Adams would be a logical choice (even though I’d take Hooker to play a centerfielder role in their cover 3 defense). Safeties don’t usually get drafted this high, especially over pass rushers. Thomas would be an immediate impact starter for the 49ers.


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NBA Trade Deadline Recap


New Orleans Pelicans receive: C DeMarcus Cousins, F Omri Casspi

Grade: A+

Wow! Only time will tell if Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins can coexist, but this was a trade that the Pelicans had to make. Boogie is one of the most talented players in the league, and they got him for an incredibly cheap price. In today’s fast paced wing-oriented league, it’s a risk to try and build a team around two bigs. But both Cousins and Davis have the ability to stretch the floor, so I could see this pair thriving if they get help at other positions. New Orleans may lose Cousins in free agency after the 2018 season, but they had to take a chance because they weren’t going to be able to get a player of Cousin’s caliber in free agency. Even if they aren’t able to keep Boogie in New Orleans long-term, nobody will blame them for pulling the trigger on this blockbuster deal.


Sacramento Kings receive: SG Buddy Hield, G Langston Galloway, G/F Tyreke Evans, 2017 1st round pick (top 3 protected), 2017 2nd round pick

Grade: F

Vlade Divac needs to go. Not only was this a terrible trade for the Kings, but he said he had a better trade offer a few days earlier. You don’t tell that to the media even if it’s true. The Kings got fleeced in this deal unless Buddy Hield turns into the next Steph Curry. I have my reservations about Buddy Hield’s potential. It took Buddy four years at Oklahoma to become a top draft prospect in a sport where the best players usually separate themselves at a younger age. Not to say that there aren’t late bloomers, but I’m always skeptical when someone takes four years to dominate in college. Was Buddy dominating as a senior because he was stronger and more physically developed than many of the 18 and 19 year olds he competed against? Buddy isn’t a good ball handler, passer, rebounder, or defender. He’s a one-trick pony that can score in a league predicated on players forcing their opponents to beat them with their secondary skills. I don’t see Buddy becoming anything more than a sixth man off the bench that will occasionally put up a decent amount of points. I was a big fan of Tyreke Evans’ potential coming out of college, but he’s been too injury-prone to trust. And how did Divac not get a first round pick without protections????? I know the Kings didn’t want to pay Cousins the $200 million dollars he would have wanted, but that doesn’t excuse trading him away for pennies on the dollar.

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